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Custom on Hold music problem

Corey Earl

Good Afternoon,

Attempting to add custom on hold music to our UC540.

I received the on hold file as a .wav so I converted it to a .au format as that appears to be the preferred file type for Cisco's on hold music.

When I listen to the file after conversion, in Windows Media Player the file sounds perfect, but once I add it to the UC540 and set it as the desired file I get nothing but static when placing a call on hold.

I can't figure out where the problem is because when you test the audio file before importing it using CCA it plays fine with no distortion or static.


Any help is appreciated.



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You can't use just any audio format. Windows media player doesn't care how your .wav file was produced, but Cisco does.

To install a new audio prompt on Call Manager:

Media file must be encoded as a 16-bit wideband PCM wav file.

Messages on Contact Center (UCCX) have a different format.

Media file must be encoded as a CCITT uLaw 8-bit 8 KHz Mono PCM wav file to be compliant with G711 codec. Use aLaw in Europe and Australia.


I think you might have mis-understood my problem.

All the pre-installed "music on hold" files that come in the UC540 are of .au format so I have been converting my custom music on hold files to .au

AFTER converting my custom music to .au format (from .wav which was how it was received), I run the file in a media player to ensure proper conversion and quality after changing formats.

The file is now in the proper format supported by CCA and the UC540 and plays fine in a third party application however as soon as the file is installed and selected in CCA as the desired music-on-hold audio file it becomes unintelligible scratching/static noise.

This has nothing to do with audio prompts on Call Manager or Messages on Contact Center, I am referring to Music on Hold ONLY.




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