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SPA 122/112 Provisioning Guide - Where is it?




I have the PDF versions of these two documents that cover the SAP 2102/PATA2 etc.

Where do I find the updated version?

I contacted the helpdesk but they were not able to find the documnets and suggested this is the best place to ask the question.

I specifically want to know if I can create a provisioning file for my tftp server to auto provision these things the same way I was with the SPA2102

I've had a quick look at the new model and can see that I can just provisioin one and then save and restore the file (nice feature btw).

I see there are a few different tags in this model. 

Does it just follow the same rule set?

Can I just create a file called spa122.cfg in the root of my tftp server?

Can I just create mac files the same as for the spa2102?

Is there a better way to preprovsion these things?

What did you designers have in mind?

Also were do I find out about v6 support for these?  Is there a different firmware?

ps:  Also nice to see that they're not limited to 7.5mbit in router mode   Got a bit embarrised over that one on the SPA2102.


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I've tried just creating a spa122.cfg file following the same format as spa2102.cfg I'm currently using with my tftp server but this doesn't seem to work.


Download the SPC Compiler tool from here:

Run this command:

spc --sample-xml spa112.cfg

Edit the file to your liking, and put it on your provisioning server.

Point the SPA112 device to the file with the "Profile Rule" field under Voice -> Provisioning

I am trying to build a custom config file for a SPA122 and when I run the compiler application the screen just flashes, quickly may I add, a command screen and then disappears.  Running: spa122-1-2-1-004-spc-win32-i386.

What am I doing incorrectly?

Hi Michael,

You need to run the SPC utility in a Command Prompt window.

1. Start > All Programs > Accessories > Command Prompt

2. Use cd (change directory) to get to the directory where the SPC is located

3. run the SPC command

Here's an overview document for phones that may help you. The phones and ATAs have the same heritage so are very similar:




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