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Time settings on SPA1001

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                   Hi, Does anyone know why the SPA-1001 doesn't have the +10.30 in the time zone settings? It goes from +9.30 to +10.00 then +11.00.

How can I adjust for daylight saving?  Perhaps something has to go in the daylight saving time rule.

Any help would be appreciated. Keith.

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Apparently Lord Howe Island Australia standard time is uct/gmt +10:30, but there do not appear to be many other world locations with that standard time offset.

The intent of the SPA1001 and other Cisco/Linksys analog phone adapters is to have you set your standard time offset from GMT and then setup the Daylight Savings Time rule which may cause display offsets from that time.  You can setup a Primary and Secondary Network Time Protocol (NTP) server address on the System Tab such as to obtain the current GMT time.

The Daylight Saving Time Rule format is discussed in the Cisco Small Business SPA2102, SPA3102, SPA8000, SPA8800, PAP2T Administration Guide and also in various voip forums that you can find thru Google.  The SPA1001 is an older ata that was discontinued many years ago, however the Daylight Savings Time Rule has not changed.

Thanks for your reply,

I have set the daylight saving rule to "start=10/1/7;end=4/1/7,save=1" for Southern Hemisphire and saved changes but the time showing is still an hour behind, am I missing something?



I have set the daylight saving rule to "start=10/1/7;end=4/1/7,save=1" for Southern Hemisphire and saved changes but the time showing is still an hour behind, am I missing something?

You would think that would be right for starting the first Sunday in October, ending the first Sunday in April.  The Australian Whirlpool voip forum will tell you, though, that there is a bug in the firmware logic when the number of the starting month (October (10)) is higher than the number of the ending month (April (4)) and in this case the daylight savings time rule doesn't work.  See the post by Wrinkly here:

One workaround is to reverse the logic.  Let the base GMT time be the Daylight Savings Time and subtract 1 hour to get the standard time.  This however would mean that you have to set your GMT Offset at +10:30 and the SPA1001, as you posted, does not have this offset.

reverse logic: start=4/1/7;end=10/1/7,save=-1

Another workaround is to set the start normally, but set the end as the last day of December, and then on January 1 set the start as the first of January with the end as normal end in April. 



You could also just put the local date/time on the Regional Tab, erasing the Daylight Savings Time Rule and the NTP servers.  With the last you have to reset the date/time when the time changes and if the adapter loses power.

The problem has been around for years but never fixed for the SPA1001.  The SPA1001 was discontinued.  The last firmware update for the SPA1001 is dated 2007. 

Thank you for your reply,

The second workaround seems to work fine so I have left is as that and try to remember to set it again in January.

cheers, Keith.