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Robert Craig

Configuration file issues

I have been trying to push phone configuration out through the use of a TFTP server. While the phones download their config, they also reboot themselves every two minutes. Nothing changes on the phone, but the phones continuously reboot every time they pull a config file down. Below is a config file that I usually edit for the respective labels/usernames/passwords. Is there anything that sticks out that would cause this issue? Any help is appreciated.


Dan Lukes

The configuration attached is the one fetched from phone ? Then feel free to edit your original question and remove it - it will not help us to solve issue and thread will become more readable.

The phone reboots whenever a volatile option has been changed by configuration.

Regardless you didn't disclosed source configuration file you have placed on TFTP server I assume there is a option defined twice. So reboot-causing change occur two times on every configuration load.

So check the configuration file and remove the duplicate. It should solve your issue.


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Yeah, thats the file I keep handy and then just copy and paste into a new xml file for every phone. So there is a duplicate option? Also, if I am not changing an option, do I have to keep it in the file?



Yes, I wish there is a same option two times. Attach it as a file, I will verify it.

if I am not changing an option, do I have to keep it in the file

If option is not present in configuration file then it's value remain unchanged.


OK, sorry for the delay. Attached is the latest version of the config file I am using. The phone is still rebooting. I'm thinking it is after something has changed under the user preferences (such as ringtone) or something that the user changed from the phone. Any ideas?



And the phone still reboot whenever it load this file ? I see nothing important in it, but it's so long to be analyzed by eye in full.

Well, it's time for "divide et impera" method.

Split the content configuration file in half (just add missing opening / closing tags <flat-profile> </flat-profile> to both pieces to make both syntactically correct). Put first half on tftp. Is the phone still rebooting ? Put second half on tftp. Is the phone still rebooting ?

Is phone rebooting even with empty configuration file (e.g. just


) ?


OK, I'll give that a shot. Is there any settings in that file that would overwrite custom things the user did (adjust volume and save, change ring tone, etc.)? I'm thinking on my test phone that it pulls the initial file and keeps it. But, when I make a change in the user settings from the phones menu, it pulls the file on the next interval, sees a difference, and then reboots.



Yes, user can change most of configuration by default - including the volume. And yes, next load of provisioning will revert them to the values provided in file. Don't provide them, if you wish to retain former values.

And yes, change of some of them may trigger reboot.


Dan Miley

Are there any log messages that might indicate where the problem is?  There should be a reboot reason, and possibly other messages.


 tftpd32 has a good  syslog collector, Kiwi syslog, or solarwinds are great also.
You may need to add that syslog app or port in the windows  firewall for inbound connections
To enable logging on the spa go to
Voice --> system  
add the IP address of your log server in the
  debug and
  set debug level =3
Go into the extension  --> sip settings  -->

To set up syslog and debug through provisioning add these lines to the config

<!system tab>
  <Syslog_Server ua="na">ip.add.ress.of.server</Syslog_Server>
  <Debug_Server ua="na"> ip.add.ress.of.server </Debug_Server>

 <Debug_Level ua="na">3</Debug_Level> <!-- options: 0/1/2/3 -->


Or do what Dan said and start with a simple config,

just proxy, uname, password, ntp server, function keys, syslog settings, etc.

Get that working, then expand it with the other features you need.



Just note - the internal config parser logs no tag triggering the reboot, even at the highest debug level. Nice feature request, isn't it ?


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