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SPA504G ignoring NOTIFY Parking-ID message.

We're evaluating SPA504G phones (and their brothers) as replacements for our current best-sellers. I've managed to iron out all of the bugs and troubles, save one.

If I watch my SIP packets, I see that a blind XFER to our park server (*77) sends out the appropriate REFER message. I have to manually blind transfer for now, until I program a PSK to do it for me (that part I can handle). The phone server then responds with this NOTIFY message:

"NOTIFY sip:x110d@phoneIP:5060 SIP/2.0

Via: SIP/2.0/UDP serverip:5060;branch=z9hG4bK4271358660-1151

Max-Forwards: 70


Zultys-Data: mx_call_id=484.18;

Parking-ID: 01

User-Agent: Zultys MX250 v7.2.1 build 1

From: <sip:*771@serverIP>;tag=906-zultys--10359999291151_4256680031-1151

To: ""Zultys_Test"" <sip:x110d@serverIP>;tag=11cea02a552ed7a1o0

Call-ID: b4eefd9e-c82f8bd@phoneIP


Contact: sip:*771@serverIP:5060

Event: refer

Subscription-State: terminated;reason=noresource

Content-Type: message/sipfrag;version=2.0

Content-Length: 18

Now, other brands of phone (Polycom, Aastra, etc) are able to inerpret this message and visually display the park slot on the screen. "Parked to 1" or similar will show up, depending on the phone model.

I've done a whole lot of searching on this (even going so far as packet captures, obviously.) Any help will be GREATLY appreciated.


Has anyone gotten park notifications working on another system? I would assume they work fine on a CCM appliance. I've seen a couple examples saying it works with Asterisk, but I'm not sure if they're talking about the audio announcement or the on-screen announcement. On-screen is what I'm trying to get working.


Thank you for your interest in the SPA phones.  To answer your inquiry, the SPA phones have implemented a BLF methodology of delivering "Call Park" updates to the phones.  Depending upon the 3rd Party Call Control type, a unused line key can be assigned a blf function "fnc=blf+cp+sd;sub=;usr=" or a call park function "fnc=prk;sub=".  For additional information around the SPA phone provisioning and feature interaction, please reference the following URL.

Thanks for your response.

We have considered that as an option, but it has some pretty big drawbacks. My office, for example, will regularly have 4-5 parked calls during peak hours. That means the SPA won't be of much use when park slots 1-3 are in use (assuming the maximum amount of line keys we can assign to park BLFs.)

I've read that document already, it was very useful in getting BLFs and a couple other features working. Unfortunately, it isn't any help in getting the park slot to show up on-screen.

I've been considering a small XML app to display the park slot.