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SPA525G2 phones dial phone numbers but (intermittently) can't add pin or account numbers.

I work at a Credit Union and have 4 branch offices that are wireless. The main branch and 3 other branch offices are using wired Polycom phones. We use Interacton Client v 4. The wired Polycom phones do not have this issue. At the wireless branches, we use Cisco AIR-LAP1124N-A-K9 access points into cisco switches and onto the network. For safety, 1 wired Polycom phone is connected and available. With the investment of over 50 Cisco phones, we would like to get this issue resolved. I have trouble shot this down to what I hope is part of the answer. It has to do with the DTMF Tx method settings. I was told by somebody that should know, that the the Auto setting is standard,  or In Band on this model of phone. To fix the issue of being unable to enter pin or account numbers that can be understood by who you are calling, you have to set it to Out of Band. This may or may not be true. I have tried other some of the other settings and it seemed to work for a while, but then several days later, the issue would come back.

Any help would be appreciated.