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achieve Active-Active tunnel inquiry -1

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How to achieve Active-Active tunnel with  from node A to node B  condition only one tunnel should configured from node B  side ?

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can you more elaborate ?

i need to know how to configure two tunnel as active /active from node A however in node b create one tunnel and still achieve active /active 

I think this can achieve by config 
in node A two tunnel and each tunnel have LO as source tunnel different than other. 

could you please elaborate what is mean LO ?


Loopback interface

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Level 1

okay iam sorry to bother you again but iam just confirm you with the below points 

- two GRE tunnel will be created from node A and from node b will be created only one tunnel and add loop back interface in the same one tuunel? 

could you please let me know how to be done technically how through CLI commands 

Node A
tunnel 1
tunnel source LO1 
tunnel destination Node-B

tunnel 2
tunnel source LO2
tunnel destination Node-B

Node B
tunnel 0 
tunnel source Node-B
tunnel mode gre multipoint 


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