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ACL hit counts

Suresh Varghese


I jsut needed to clarify something, i have a data Center & branch Office connected to each other through IPSec VPN. I also have SSL-VPn configured on the firewall in my data center, the same firewall on which the IPSec VPn from my branch offfice terminates.

I retrieved some ACL logs from the ASA in the data center and all the hit counts shon are zero even when the connection is established and my branch office users are able to access all resources.

e.g. access-list CRYPTO_XXXXX line 8 extended permit ip x.x.x.x y.y.y.y (hitcnt=0) 0x8142efc9

All the ACL are like this where y.y.y.y is the branch office subnet

I also have another ACL which poped up on my SSL VPN ACL as shown below

e.g. access-list DAP-ip-user-906E4E06 line 1 extended permit ip x.x.x.x host y.y.y.y (hitcnt=22162) 0x440bdd04

       access-list SSLVPN-CORP-ACL line 1 extended permit ip x.x.x.x host y.y.y.y(hitcnt=0) 0xc9d27468

can anyone tell me why is  my hit count is zero for both CRYPTO ACL and the SSLVPN-CORP-ACL even when the connection is established?

Second, what is DAP-ip-user-906E4E06? why is it showing such?

Thanks a lot in advance.


Hi Suresh,

By any chance, did the "show crypto ipsec sa" output for that specific tunnel reveal encaps / decaps?

The DAP-ip-user-906E4E06 is a network / web type ACL that a specific DAP rule assigned to this session.



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