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Active Directory Over Site to Site VPN

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I have a client who has just added on an additional building. They have one server 2008 with AD. I set up a site to site vpn with two wrvs4400n routers. Everything works but the computers in the site without the server cannot login to AD. A temporary fix is to map network drives to local user accounts but this can not be a perminent solution. When I try to login I get the Domain Controller cannot be found error. I took one computer and turned it back into WORKGROUP and then tried ot add it back to the domain with about the same error. Any help would be appreciated.

I place the server into a DMZ and tried turning off all firewalls from the router firewalls to the microsoft firewalls and no luck. It seems like the active directory packets are just making it through the vpn. My associate thinks it might be a DNS issue.

Thanks for the help.

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Jennifer Halim
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

It definitely seems like it is a DNS issue. The PC needs to be able to resolve the domain controller, otherwise, it won't be able to resolve the domain controller name. Have you defined internal DNS server that can resolve the domain controller to your PC?