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Adding a NAT for remote host on VPN


We are trying to bring up a L2L VPN to a vendor.  The vendor's IP addresses overlap with one of our internal subnets.  The vendor claims that they cannot apply a NAT on their side.  Is there a way to configure NAT on my side to NAT the remote host?  I tried creating a static entry

static (inside,outside) globalIP localIP subnet

The NAT seems to work, at least according to the xlate table, but I cannot bring up the tunnel.

1) will this actually work?

2) how should I define "interesting" traffic?  Using the remote NAT or the remote real IP?

Thank you.




Hi Jason,

this is the packet flow in ASA:

PIX/ASA - VPN - Inside (Higher Sec_Lev) to Outside (Lower SEC_Level)
Eg. Type - [Sub-Type] - Description
1. FLOW-LOOKUP - [] - Check for existing connections, if none found
create a
new connection.
2. ROUTE-LOOKUP - [input] - Initial Checking (Reverse Path Check, etc.)
3. ACCESS-LIST - [log] - ACL Lookup
4. CONN-SETTINGS - [] - class-map, policy-map, service-policy
5. IP-OPTIONS - [] -
6. NAT - [] - xlate
7. NAT - [host-limits] -
8. VPN - [encrypt] -
9. VPN - [ipsec-tunnel-flow] -
10. IP-OPTIONS - [] -
11. FLOW-CREATION - [] - If everything passes up until this point a
is created.
12. FLOW-LOOKUP - [] - On the new header
13. ACCESS-LIST - [] - On the new header
14. FLOW-CREATION - [] -
15. ROUTE-LOOKUP - [output and adjacency]

Since route lookup is done before NAT, you have to change the ip address scheme at your end or ask them to nat.

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