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Ajax issues in Clientless SSL VPN

Level 1
Level 1


i have Clientless SSL VPN with a link configured (bookmark). i am using AJAX in my application and it is not loading until i enable the smart tunnel which is causing too much issues with java and security settings on the client machine. Please advise how i can make it work without the smart tunnel?


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Marcin Latosiewicz
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Open a TAC case.

Provide them with:

- HTTPwatch capture over SSLVPN from that application

- HTTPwatch capture over LAN (without SSL VPN in the path)

- show tech from ASA.

You can use HTTPwatch basic for free to capture data.

Remember to cleare cookies/cache before you start capturing.

There's quite a few different defects we fix around the rewriter, you MAY want to try latest latest release before opening TAC case.

thanks Marcin,

Actually i didnt open a TAC case that is why i referred to this community. i have checked other posts and they mentioned that they have done the upgrade without any result. There is nothing to try in the configuration right?

5 years of dealing with webvpn on TAC side tell me that it's better to address the situation at the core.

You can try playing around with:

But do not expect much of a result... for 80% of cases.

There are multuple issues with rewriter we fix, if you want to properly identify the problem TAC is best solution, and even then it will typically take some time (it's a tedious and manual task typically).