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AnyConnect and iPad - UDID doesn't match up

Michael Cole

Have a very odd situation here.  We use Good for enterprise, and have iPads connect through Anyconnect to access our internal network for an RDP application.

Basically it's this:

User A's UDID:  1234

User B's UDID:  5678

User B may have gotten the device from User A.  User A has new iPad Air.

When User A connects to AnyConnect, DAP trace shows that User B's UDID (5678) is being seen by AnyConnect, as opposed to User A's (1234).  User B has no access to AnyConnect, now or in the past. 

After a lengthy phone conversation with Good, they think the issue is with AnyConnect. But I have no idea how B's UDID - which to my understanding is supposed to hard-coded into the device - can be appearing on someone else's AnyConnect session.

Waiting for B to bring his iPad in to see what it shows the UDID as - but that's not going to resolve the issue.  Only thing I can think of, does AnyConnect somehow link the device to the user regardless of what device is being used?  Surely not...  I will test it out though (DAP trace on two different iPads.)

Thoughts or ideas???

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Michael Cole

So we have figured out what the issue was.  User A had the device originally, backed it up to either his computer or iCloud, (including the AnyConnect app), and when he restored his setting to the brand new iPad Air, the AnyConnect app cached his UDID number.  That is a bit diconcerting, but we were able to confirm by deleting User A's AnyConnect App and reinstalling, and it now passes the correct UDID to AnyConnect.

Hopefully this gets fixed soon, it's kind of a big deal (at least to us.)

Perfect, this solved my issue which was driving me nuts for 3 months. 


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