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AnyConnect on Mac - get rid of anything except VPN

We are using AnyConnect on Mac. There is no policy for system scan and umbrella is inactive. Anyway, the client always shows a red x as status (which seems to be the roaming security status), altough the vpn is successfully connected and we never used roaming security.

Can this be fixed, to show only the vpn status and correctly reflect this in the icon?

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@Michael Fritzsche you would need to uninstall the AnyConnect Posture and Umbrella Roaming Security modules, leaving just the Core/VPN module and DART for diagnostics.

I have no idea, how this should work. Is there a description how to remove components?

But how do you remove the Umbrella Roaming modules for AnyConnect in MAC? Can you provide step by step?

Marvin Rhoads
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Uninstalling the unwanted modules may only be temporary if the VPN headend is configured to install them. In that case, they will reappear upon next connection.

How did you get AnyConnect on the Mac in the first place? The answer to that helps guide us to an answer that will be a permanent resolution of your issue.

It comes with Jamf uem. But generally i don’t get, why it shows the status of non installed or inactive components and hides the status of the most important part, the vpn.

If the software is being installed via JAMF then most likely the admin has built the package incorrectly. There are command line options you should specify when doing an installation from the dmg file. You can download and reinstall manually if you have access to the page for AnyConnect / Secure Client. However if JAMF detects that variation from the (incorrect) desired state it will try to put it back the way it is now.

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