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AnyConnect SSL Client Stability Concerns

We're running VPN on ASA 5580s, v 8.4(2), and our clients are all AnyConnect SSL clients, v 3.0.2052. 

We're getting reported issues of frequent disconnections when Windows users are on a WLAN - both home and in public hotspots.  When at home, users that experience frequent wifi disconnects typically find that an AnyConnect VPN connection over their hard-wire is stable.  We currently have AnyConnect's Auto Reconnect disabled.

I'm wondering if anyone else has noticed that AnyConnect is more flaky in combination with a wifi connection?

We have a TAC case open on the issue, but Cisco has told us that this is not a widespread issue.

We acknowledge the fact that home / public WLAC is tricky because we have no control over those network access points.  But because AnyConnect appears to be less tolerant of any sort of network loss than our previous VPN client, we are hoping to find a setting that could force AnyConnect to become more tolerant of a network loss.  So far, no luck!