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ASA 9.3(2) AnyConnect Local Lan Access

Solomon Sands

Hello All,

I upgraded ASA version from 9.1(2) to 9.3(2).  My AnyConnect was set up according to for Local Lan Access.  Prior to upgrade I could see under Route Details the Unsecured Routes of my Local Lan.  After the upgrade I can no longer see this, only that is a secured route, and I cannot access Local Lan.  The original 'permit' was removed and I cannot add it back, the ASA is now telling me that I have to use 'any4' to represent this.

I have added it back in but to no avail.

group-policy GroupPolicy_xxxx attributes
 banner value ---- WARNING ----
 banner value This is a private network. Unauthorized use is prohibited.
 banner value Use of this network constitutes consent to monitoring.
 wins-server none
 dns-server value
 vpn-tunnel-protocol ssl-client
 split-tunnel-policy excludespecified
 ipv6-split-tunnel-policy excludespecified
 split-tunnel-network-list value xxxx_LocalLan_acl
 default-domain value
 address-pools value AnyConnectPool

I have tried the following for xxxx_LocalLan_acl:

access-list xxxx_LocalLan_acl extended permit ip object AnyConnectObject any4

access-list xxxx_LocalLan_acl standard permit any4

access-list xxxx_LocalLan_acl extended permit any4 any4

access-list xxxx_LocalLan_acl extended deny ip object AnyConnectObject any4

access-list xxxx_LocalLan_acl standard deny any4

access-list xxxx_LocalLan_acl extended deny any4 any4

The Client profiles have 'Allow Local Lan Access' enabled and clients cannot turn this off

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Hi Solomon

Did you find a solution to this?

I ran into this problem after i upgraded an ASA to 9.3. To allow Local Lan Access, you're right about the 'split-tunnel-policy excludespecified' and 'split-tunnel-network-list value xxxx_LocalLan_acl'.

But what you need to add into the ACL is:

access-list xxxx_LocalLan_acl standard permit host


access-list xxxx_LocalLan_acl standard permit

But my problem is that the ASA 9.3 won't accept the 'host', as far as i found out, it's because of a bug in the ASA software.


Did you find a solution? I haven't yet, except up/downgrade

Regards Bo

Negative.  I opened a TAC case and requested a Bug report, but nothing came of it.  I rolled back to 9.1.6 for now. 

Sorry for digging out old threads. You can use local lan access with an extended access list with a host object with the IP as source.

Unfortunately I didn't find out how to do this with IPv6

object network obj-
access-list LOCAL-LAN-ACCESS extended permit ip object obj- any4

I think, I have found out a working configuration (running

access-list acl-remVPN-splitv4v6 remark remote VPN with local LAN access: split network list
access-list acl-remVPN-splitv4v6 extended permit ip host any4
access-list acl-remVPN-splitv4v6 extended permit ip host :: any6

group-policy VPNusers_with_dual_stack_and_local_LAN_access attributes
split-tunnel-policy excludespecified
ipv6-split-tunnel-policy excludespecified
split-tunnel-network-list value acl-remVPN-splitv4v6

Hi swasserroth

Yes, with this configuration it works for IPv6 too.

Philip D'Ath

You should be using a "standard" acl, not an extended one.  And it should only have the destination networks listed, and change it to being an inclusion policy.

For example:

split-tunnel-policy tunnelspecified
access-list xxxx_LocalLan_acl standard permit

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