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Bridge Cisco VPN connection to laptop's ethernet port

We manage a company who uses a Cisco ASA 5510. VPN users connect using the Cisco VPN Client. I have checked, and from what I have found it is not possible to log in using dial-up connection like you can with Microsoft's built-in PPTP VPN client. I am wondering if there is a way to connect to the ASA using the Cisco VPN Client, then bridge that VPN connection to my laptop's ethernet jack so I can plug in a brand new laptop out-of-the-box and join it to the domain I'm VPN'd to.

Does that make sense? We do a lot of work for this company and lately I've been driving to the company (they're only five minutes away) just to get on their wifi just so I can join the laptop to the domain. There must be a way to "extend" their network to our network on a on-the-fly basis. I am aware we can probably create an IPsec tunnel from the ASA to our m0n0wall, but not positive.

If it is possible to "log in using dial-up connection" with the Cisco VPN Client, I would very much appreciate a link or brief explanation. I've tried multiple ways to no avail.

Thanks in advance!

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Even without trying to bridge the two connections, I cannt add it to the domain after connecting to the VPN. The firewall is off on the laptop, I can ping the laptop's VPN IP address from both domain controllers, have also tried setting my primary DNS to both DNS servers and still no luck. Aside from just joining it to the domain, I also need to log into this laptop as new users so I can create profiles for them, but I cannot VPN prior to logging in, so therein lies my dilema.

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