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Cisco AnyConnect 4.6.x - Microsoft Edge not working (Windows 10 1809)

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Level 1

I recently upgraded to to the latest version of Windows 10 (1809).

I am running Cisco AnyConnect Mobility client 4.6.x  with Umbrella

When I connect to our corporate vpn using the Cisco client - once connected I am not able to launch Microsoft Edge - Outlook stops working and Skype for Business does not connect.


Is this a Cisco client issue (ver 4.6.03049) ?


Once I disconnect it works.


I check my properties - and for some reason it does not have a gateway listed - I enter the vpn gateway and it starts working.


I use my home network for all internet traffic - very strange that Edge and MS apps stop working once connected to VPN.


Please advise.




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From what I have read, this has to do with how MS Edge handles internet traffic (apparently it is different from how IE handles traffic).  Suggested solution is to configure MS Edge to configure MS Edge to open the sites using IE.

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All - this only appears to be affecting my system - this does not appear to be a site-wide or campus issue.

I have a similarly configured machine that I had also upgraded from 1803 to 1809 - using the same Cisco AnyConnect Mobility client and it does not have any issue connecting to the internet after connecting to the Cisco VPN.

Have you tried disabling windows firewall?  perhaps it is blocking outbound connections for some reason.

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