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Cisco ASA AnyConnect Radius VPN user rx multiple 2FA request instantly

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Level 1

ive just implemented cisco duo for anyconnect on my asa. some users are experiencing getting multiple 2FA requests on their phones back to back instantly sometimes 3 request, my timeout is 60 secs set on the ASA and my max failed attempts is 3. is there another timeout setting i should be looking at? Duo Proxy settings? I cant replicate the issue in my lab or in the live environment as its only a handful of people that are experiencing this issue for now that is. their wifi/hotspot when they use it claims to be good and their cell signal is also good just throwing that in their incase some one is wondering. want to **bleep** this in the bud before it becomes a bigger issue. thanks for any help. 

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I think Duo Authentication Proxy would wait 10 seconds by default for each client to respond, and I think you can change that value in the Duo Authentication Proxy config file.

I understand that and i have checked that setting. I am trying to figure out why some users are getting multiple Duo push requests back to back almost instantly. I currently have a Duo Support ticket open and will update if they find anything. Thanks.