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Cisco ISR 4331 - Performance for IPsec VPN and DMVPN

Hello Gents,


 A customer is replacing a Cisco 1941 with a Cisco ISR 4331 router. He has many branches and he is using IPsec VPN or DMVPN to connect these branches together. He was asking regarding the performance of the Cisco ISR 4331 router as he is going to replace his old Cisco 1941 router due to the high CPU utilization which is reaching more than 75%.


 I need your kind advise and feedback please if Cisco ISR 4331 router is qualified in performance and throughput to handle these high traffic by interconnecting the branches together using IPsec or DMVPN.


 Thanks in advance for your kind support.



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 - Have a look at the throughput data from the datasheet(s) :


Rob Ingram
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VIP Expert


The ISR 4331 is newer and certainly better performance than the 1941, so I expecet it would be better performance.

How many VPN tunnels and what is the encrypted throughput of the current router?


This performance analysis report details the performance, throughput and CPU overhead of the 4000 series routers, depending on license.



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