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Configuring Remote Access VPN

I will start by saying I am a layman, so details are helpful. Summary of situation below, I feel like no one can solve this situation!


I need to configure a remote access VPN to connect remote users to our company's server.


ISP Modem w/ static IP

connects to

Cisco Wifi Router W/ VPN (WRVS400N) WAN IP address

connects to Cisco Unmanaged Switch

connects to Company Server


I can login to the web utility on the cisco router and open a tunnel, but need help with the configuration of the tunnel. For instance:

What IP address do I use for the Local Security Gateway (options: IP, IP + Domain)?

What Local Security Group Type (Subnet or IP)?

What IP for Local Security Group address, or what Subnet to use?

What remote security gateway type? (I want to allow any IP to connect so my users can connect from any point of internet access// options: IP, IP + Domain Name, Any)?

What remote security Group Type (options: Subnet, IP)?

What remote security group address (IP/ subnet)?

IPSEC setup (options: manual, IKE w/ preshared key)

Phase 1 & Phase 2 settings


I've added a VPN client (user and password)


Information I have on hand:

ISP - Static IP, Default Gateway, Subnet Mask, CIDR Block Number

Cisco Router w/ VPN: LAN IP, WAN IP, DNS 1, DNS 2


Please outline how I can create a functional remote access VPN detailing which address to use for each portion (local group, remote group, etc). I would be so thankful! I'll even pay if I have to!!!


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