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Copy and paste config to new ASA

Gerson Acevedo


I have a new ASA 5505  we have in production  the same model.

So I copy and paste the same config  bot ASA have the same IOS version 8.4(3)

But the VPN is not working.

is because of this ?

ikev1 pre-shared-key *****

When I copy paste the  config  the pass  is still like this ****.

How can I copy  my  config to the new device withouth introduce the pass again.

Thank you

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Jouni Forss


Use this command on the original ASA to show the PSKs that are now marked with *

more system:running-config

This will show them in clear text

Or you will simply copy the configuration a PC with TFTP and then copy that configuration file to the new ASA.

Hope this helps

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- Jouni

Thank you.

The enable password is in plain text but

ikev1 pre-shared-key *****

still encrypted.


On my own ASA5505 the line "ikev1 pre-shared-key" shows  the PSK just fine.

Naturally, if you copy/pasted the configuration with the "*******" then the PSK will be "*******"

You need to take the output from the device which has the actual PSKs still intact.

- Jouni

What about if I use the ASDM method to copy the config. Do you thin that will work?

makes thank you..I will try..

hi gerson,

further adding to moving files via TFTP posted by jouni, you could also force the ASA to use a different startup config file once it's copied:

ciscoasa(config)# boot config flash:

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