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Credential passthrough from AnyConnect Secure Mobility client to AzMFA


We are using the client for Umbrella and VPN access for the VPN connection we use Azure MFA to authenticate, however there is a slightly annoying authentication problem which is causing a lot of user unrest.
When connecting to the VPN The MFA window will ask for a username and password every time before presenting the MFA window. On top of this after entering the username and password in the MFA prompt there is a tick box saying "Don't ask again for 14 days", and then another prompt appears once the MFA is complete asking if you want to "Stay signed in?" which also has a tick box saying "Don't show this again" (I have attached shots of the sequence of windows you receive each log in).

Ticking the boxes or choosing yes to stay signed in makes no difference and you are presented with all of these options every time you connect, even when disconnecting an immediately reconnecting.

Is there any configuration possible on either the Azure or Cisco side that will:

A. Pass through the current user's username into the authentication window meaning they only have to enter a password and complete the MFA prompt.

B. Either prevent the final "Stay signed in?" window and tick boxes from appearing, or make them actually have an effect.


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