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Feature Request: Allow saving passwords in Cisco AnyConnect

We have users that need to maintain an "always on" vpn connection to us as they regularly interact with some of our systems and exchange sensative data. Because of the sensativity of this data we are required to use two factor authentication - so we use certificate based authentication as well as a username and a password.

This works fine in the old IPSEC cisco vpn client but in the new AnyConnect VPN client it doesn't seem possible to save the password.We contacted Cisco support and made it all the way to tier three support before we were informed it was not possible to save the password and thus "auto-connect" after a system reboot with AnyConnect.

Thus we have the AnyConnect client configured to automatically resume  and even auto-intiate on system bootup but it "hangs" waiting for the  user to enter their password to connect.

The third tier support tech I worked with indicated I should contact our account manager to advocate that this be added as a feature request - but since we purchased our equipment through a third party reseller we don't have a Cisco account manager! I called Cisco sales to see if they could advocate on our behalf and they gave me the phone number to our local office (only it was a bad number)

In any case I'm making one final plea here - cisco developers - please add the ability to save the password on the client. Or offer us some way to automatically re-conect after a reboot without having to have a live human present to manually enter a password.



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Re: Feature Request: Allow saving passwords in Cisco AnyConnect

Can I second this feature request and suggest that when it's implemented you look at using the Keychain on the Mac for storing the credentials.