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Help! AnyConnect Causing Random Reboots!

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Level 1

Our client just upgraded (without telling us) their VPN software and all of us got pushed the Cisco AnyConnect VPN client version 3.1.01065. None of us ever had a connection issue and could connect all day long without issue. Now all of us are experiencing random reboots and BSODs. This is on Windows XP. We only get this while or after connecting to the VPN.

Sometimes the moment we establish the connection the system crashes hard - no mouse, no functionality we must hard reboot. Other times is BSODs. Other times it just reboots. Sometimes you will stay connected for several hours before it happens. When we do get the BSOD, it shows an IRQ conlflict message. Of course there is no way to change the IRQ on the client.

I thought I might have found the problem being a conflict with our builtin PIV/SmartCard readers and disabled those in favor of a USB reader, but that turns out not to have fixed it since we are back to random reboots. We also have Checkpoint full disk encryption and VPN support (we don't use the VPN on that one).

Has anyone seen this before? Help!

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Level 1
Level 1

Are you running Mcafee HIPS on the affected machines?