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how to fix ASA problem with Error message id 713231, 713232 ?

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Level 1

Dear all,

It's been two day with this problem and it's not possible to stablish vpn with peer yet. ASA is reporting error with messages id: 713231 & 713232. Before this the vpn was working perfectly. I did a reload of the ASA, but the problem continues:

713232    Group = x.x.158.254, IP = x.x.158.254, SA lock refCnt = 0, bitmask = 00000000, p1_decrypt_cb = 0, qm_decrypt_cb = 0, qm_hash_cb = 0, qm_spi_ok_cb = 0, qm_dh_cb = 1, qm_secret_key_cb = 0, qm_encrypt_cb = 0

713231    Group = x.x.158.254, IP = x.x.158.254, Internal Error, ike_lock trying to unlock bit that is not locked for type SA_LOCK_P1_SA_CREATE

ASA 5510 version 8.3 (1)

Is there anybody who knows how to fix this?

Thanks in advance.

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Level 6
Level 6

Firstly ASA version 8.3 isn't that stable. I would advice you to upgrade to 8.4(5).

Did you do a search in google? This is wat I found:


Posted by WebUser Erik Boss from Cisco Support Community App

Thanks WebUser for your reply, I'll take in account your recommendation. But I've seen that these errors messages id are also present in version 9.0 even.

Finally the connection vpn was stablished again after a long time. And as Cisco says, I had to wait  until "steps were  automatically taken for recovery".