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How to setup VPN L2L Dynamic-to-dynamic IP on ASA / Router

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Hello everybody. I have to stablish a VPN L2L between 3 small offices. Because of the size of the company, they have DSL link, it means, dynamic IP in all places. I found many tutorials about Static-to-Static or Static-to-Dynamic using ASA and routers. Is it possible to setup using Dynamic-to-Dynamic??? If yes, how I have to proceed? Is there a better equipment to this kind of scenario or it is possible to use ASA and/or router? Thanks!!!

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Not that I know of. I can think of only one solution that'll require you to get a static ip at only one of the 3 offices.

Lets say site B has static IPs and A and C have dynamic IPs.

You will be able to build tunnel from B to A

and from B to C

As far as vpn from A to C is concerned you will have to hairpin also known as U-pin that traffc via B

Googling for VPN hairpinning should give you steps on how to do it

Above solution only works provided you are able to lease a static ip at atleast one of the 3 locations.

Also, VPNs will come up only if A and C initiate the tunnel (because of dynamic IPs) but you can achieve this easily with running a continuous ping running from A as well as C towards B