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How to use the Microsoft RDP ActiveX with span or multimon options ?

Since windows Vista, the Microsoft RDP support a /span option that allows to do remote desktop on multiple monitor.  In windows 7 and Server 2008, another option are availble to support /multimon which allows even more complex layout.  I checked the help you provided about the available parameters and the only one ou provide are these :

  • geometry - the size of the client screen, WxH. To start the applet in  FullScreen mode use this paramter depending on your screen size , for eg:  'geometry=1024x768'.
  • bpp - bits per pixel, 8|16|24|32
  • domain - logon domain
  • username - username for logon
  • password - password for logon. Use with care - this value is used at  the client side, and can be observed.
  • RedirectDrives - set to true to map remote drives locally
  • RedirectPrinters - set to true to map remote printers locally
  • FullScreen - set to true to start in FullScreen mode

Is it possible to know if more hidden parameter can be used to do remote desktop like the "mstsc /span" command line ?

Thanks a lot !

Étienne Bernier Gosselin

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