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IKEV2 VPN Name Mangler issue



I am trying to establish an IKEv2 VPN construct with a name-mangler instance to authorize connectivity. 


I want to preface this with the following facts:


1. The radius server is known good. I can test this successfully with another VPN construct.

2. The IKEv2 construct (minus name-manger and authorization command sets in the profile) is also known good. Tunnel and IPSEC establish.

3. Configuration has been applied on CML2 IOS.


The network is very straight forward. Hub and spoke with a radius server hanging off the Hub router. I am wanting to introduce authorization in the form of a name-mangler (email). The hub will not establish the tunnel, whilst the spoke tunnel is flapping. I have attached the relevant configuration and debug ikev2 errors.


Any help or known good configurations for hub and spoke with name-mangler would be appreciated.  


I have attached the config and debug errors.







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