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Methods available to prevent anyconnect downloads from ASA?

We deploy Cisco AnyConnect from our internal network directly to the workstations of all users who need this software.  Therefore, we do not want anyone logging into the web interface and being prompted to download the software.

What are the options to allow users to use the AnyConnect client we deploy to their workstations or provide to them via other methods, but not download and install from the ASA?

The version on the ASA isn't kept up to date and it is being used by some users to get the software installed on unauthorized computers.

I read that removing the AnyConnect software from the ASA prevents users from connecting to VPN even if they already have the client installed on their PC.

If it can't be removed from the ASA, can the download link and automatic prompting to download the software be suppressed/blocked?

If we only put the Linux version of AnyConnect as suggested in the link below, would that prevent Windows and Mac users from downloading, but still allow them to connect and use the AnyConnect software already installed on their system?