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Outside NAT is not working when the traffic is comming via Site to Site tunnel

Hi All,


I have a tunnel established between Site A to Site B, post configuration tunnel was up, however inbound traffic from the other end is not working.


I enabled outside Nat in the ASA.


Nat (outside) 3

global (Inside) 3


This is the error I am getting in the box.


May 08 2015 08:02:41 TRV-DAL-CUSTVPN-FW1 : %ASA-5-305013: Asymmetric NAT rules matched for forward and reverse flows; Connection for icmp src OUTSIDE: dst INSIDE: (type 8, code 0) denied due to NAT reverse path failure




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What do you want to achieve? Do you really have to NAT the tunnel-traffic? If not needed, configuring NAT-Exemption would be the better way.

Mohammad Alhyari
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

When you define nat for a traffic traversing from a low to high security interface you need to use the outside keyword at the end of the nat statement :

Nat (outside) 3 outside.



Hi Mohammad,


I did that but it was affecting other static NATs, when I checked with CISCO TAC they said I need to disable nat control in order to enable it.

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