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Predefine connection destination in AnyConnect predeploy client


Hi guys,

Is it possible to predefine the connection destination in the AnyConnect predeploy msi package?

I have looked in the MSI file with MS orca, but cant find any options that could relate to this


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Jennifer Halim
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Yes, you can configure AnyConnect profile on the ASA and push the profile settings upon connection, or alternatively you can preconfigure the profile and place the profile in the AnyConnect profile directory specified in the following URL:

To add the connection entry, you would need to configure the ip address in the server list section as follows:

Hope that helps.

Hi Jennifer,

Thanks for your response

I can see the value defaulthost in C:\Users\%user%\AppData\Local\Cisco\Cisco AnyConnect VPN Client\preferences.xml but isnt there any option in the setup/msi file where I can configure this? It seems odd that I have to push a xml file to each users appdata folder for a default value


Does anyone have another answer that does not rely on or assume installation via ASA, SCCM or third party tools?

ASA installation is not the best installation source because it assumes the user has administrator rights.  With Active Directory Group Policy Software Installation, the AnyConnect msi can be installed regardless of user rights.

The issue that remains is getting the preferences.xml file to the user profile.

I notice the installer also has no option to put a shortcut on the desktop so the user doesn't try to reinstall the software again if they don't check the Programs menu and notice it's already installed.

Has anyone been able to deploy the preferences files and shortcuts to users with a batch file or VB script or other method like creating a custom MST with Orca?  I have Orca and I also cannot figure out how to deploy the preferences file with the installer.  The directory the preferences.xml file goes to is not created until the user launches AnyConnect 3.0 Secure Mobility Client the first time.

I have used a transform to get the preferences.xml file onto systems. The caveat is that it only works for new profiles, so we use this package in our new machine build process.

We use InstallShield to create an MST and we are adding these folders (Windows 7) "C:\users\default\AppData\Local\Cisco\Cisco AnyConnect VPN Client" and then dropping our preferences.xml into the ...Client folder. When a new user profile is created, it gets put into the respective profile and the connection string is pre-populated. For XP, you'd obviously have a different path (C:\documents and settings\all users\....).

I haven't done any development on a package for an existing user scenario, but I bet a vbscript could be written rather easily and deployed using an ESD (SCCM, for example). The script would need to:

- install the client package msi

- query the system for the authenticated user, capturing that ID

- create that folder structure for that profile (based on the user ID captured - c:\users\[user id]\appdata\....), if it doesn't exist

- drop the preference.xml file into the folder

Again, I haven't done one of these, but I very well may have to in the near future and that's how I'd handle it.



Why not simply push out the desired xml profile to the via a separate AD GPO?

I'm trying to deploy AnyConnect VPN via SCCM, but currently just testing.

So far no matter where I drop the profile XML file it won't populate the client.

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