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Setting up basic endpoint assessment for AV product and definitions check


What is the maximum number of antivirus products the standard version of endpoint assessment can check for without prolonged delays prior to being granted access?

How much longer does it take to check for 5 or 10 possibilities vs checking for 60 possibilities or adding every AV product the Cisco endpoint assessment supports?

Can you control the order it checks so the most likely and expected AV products for would be quickly found.  For instance, if most users would be expected to have McAfee Virusscan Enterprise, Symantec Endpoint Protection or Microsoft Forefront, it should check for those three first and if those were not found, then start checking for other AV products instead of going throuigh a huge list in alphabetical order for every login attempt?

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tom mullen

if length of assessment time is an issue, one option to reduce assessment time is to deploy GEARS clients to devices subject to endpoint assessment.  GEARS is from OPSWAT the company providing the underlying technology, OESIS Framework, used by Cisco to detect security applications as part of endpoint assessment. GEARS runs as a background service and continuously checks the device for presence/status of  AVs (and other security applications such as personal firewalls, hard disk encryption, anti-phishing).  ASA can via registry/process check what GEARS reports as to compliance of the endpoint device and make an enforcement decision (grant or block access).  A guide to configuring GEARS to work with ASA is attached.

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