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Show VPN Preshared Key Feature

I have a couple RV340s however I noticed, after entering the PSK in whatever setting, I can no longer see it anymore.

Is there a setting I can toggle to reveal it? Our old router the Sonicwll TZ500 would show this so atleast we could confirm it was correct without changing it or overwriting the old one.

I know I have had to reset the PSK before because the person who had created it previously was not sure which key was used to which router. 

If this is available, I would really appreciate being pointed in the right direction.


If it is not, could it be added to the feature request?

There could also be a reason why it isn't available, could highlight those reasons to me as well if there is sound judgment behind it.

User passwords as well.

Thank you so much.

Muhammad Awais Khan
VIP Rising star



When configruing VPN, in IKE Authentication method where you define PSK, next option shown there is 'show Pre-Shared Key'. Did that option appeared to you and did you enable it ?

I did click that option when I entered the pre shared key and it showed at that time, but not anymore after. Hence I am able to verify what the PSK is after it’s been entered.



Can you try to download the xml config file and see if the IPSEC password is unencrypted ? You can go to Admin > Config management >  for that .



Okay I have done this. I downloaded the XML file

Upon scrolling through it, I didn't see anything that looks like the
password unencrypted.

The client to site ipsec profile shows a preshared-key but it is not the
PSK I typed in so I assume it's scrambled or encrypted.

What line exactly would I be looking for?

To clarify, when viewing using the GUI, the tick box for Show Pre-Shared
Key is greyed out. It only becomes active or clickable if I enter a new

Thank you so much for your assistance.



I was expecting that we might be able to see some config info but it seems we cannot see

Did you ever get this resolved? I have the same issue, the gui has greyed out the Show Pre-shared Key and the xml has it encrypted.

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