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Using Cisco VPN client with Non-Cisco firewall.

Ashok Basapure

We wanted to use Cisco VPN client in our setup but firewall that we are using is non-Cisco firewall.

Is it OK to use Cisco VPN client with non-cisco firewall?

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Jennifer Halim
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Typically there could be issue as some feature might not be compatible with non cisco firewall as the vpn headend.

I would suggest that you download the vpn client from the respective vpn server/headend to have the maximum feature and you don't find strange issue if there is one.

Ashok Basapure


Thanks for the answer..

With current release of firewall they are not coming up with their own VPN client. So their re-commendation is Cisco VPN client.

Will there be any issue with License/contract if we use the Cisco VPN client for non-cisco VPNhead?



Hi Ashok,

Strictly speaking there is a license issue, but realistically it won't be a problem.  With that said, the Cisco VPN client isn't really a great multi-platform VPN client... it doesn't have the most options available to it and really offers no benefits at all over other VPN clients aside from being Cisco supported (which your use case would not be).

So I'm going to recommend a free client that I used with great success when the Cisco VPN client didn't officially support 64-bit clients yet - ShrewSoft VPN client.  It works like a charm, it's free, and it has a lot of configurable items that make it flexible for use with any vendor.

Best Regards,


Hello Guys,

I´m using Cisco VPN client with Cisco ASA/Routers and Fortigate UTM Platforms. I am using the sames features in Fortigate "split-tunnel, digital certificate, client ACL etc."


Fabio Jorge Amorim

@Fabio Jorge 

Dear fabio, i need to use AnyConnect vpn with forti can you explain how you do it 

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