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using remote clinet access site to site network

Level 4
Level 4

hi friends,

here is my scenario,

i have site to site tunnel between dubaidata center  to india, from dubai datacenter to dubai office leased line is there so i can communicate with india network also via leasedline through vpn

now i am configuring remoteclient in dubai datacenter asa , and i am connecting from my dubai office to dubai dc through remote client ,is it possible i can access india network through this remote client because my leased line in down between dubai office to dubai dc.

give me sugg ASAP


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Level 10
Level 10

So you want to remote vpn into dubai data center then take the vpn tunnel to india?

You need to add this traffic to your crypto acl's for the site to site tunnel and allow intra-interface traffic on dubai data center ASA.

dubai dc ASA

same-security-traffic permit intra-interface

access-list extended permit ip

india ASA

access-list extended permit ip

access-list extended permit ip

Also, if you are split tunneling at dubai dc, make sure you add the india network to the split tunnel acl.


i tried what you are given to me still no

data center:

access-list vpn-aldafra extended permit ip 2
access-list vpn-aldafra extended permit ip


ip access-list extended VPN
permit ip
permit ip
ip access-list extended internet
deny   ip
deny   ip
permit ip any -- india ---remote




i am able to access the site to site network ,

but once i connected the vpn client i got one IP from VPN pool ip.

once ip ping the ip from other side then only i can able to success

If you have split tunnel configured, you also need to include india LAN (

i added in split tunnel already,

what happening you know ,

foreaxmple i am getting ip once i connected through client

then i need to ping from india to this ip then only the communication happening


Do you have CBAC configured on India router? Any access-list configured on the outside interface? Can you share the India router config?