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VM with remote access VPN without split tunneling


Hello experts,

I have customers who require to use VM in their laptop. These users also require to VPN to Corporate network  to do their job. However when they do remote VPN to corporate Network (ASA VPN concentrator) from their VM host machine, they loose their access to their VM guest machines. This problem was not happening when they used cisco VPN client which has gone end of life and support as of end of July 31, 2012. In Cisco VPN client (IKEV1) if we set the protocol to udp they had no problem to keep their connectivity to VM machines while connected to corporate with remote access VPN. However this feature does not work in new Cisco VPN client which is called AnyConnect. ( NOTE: I am using IPSEC IKEV2. NO SSL at this time).

My Question to Experts:

1. Was the ability to maintain connection to VM guest machines, while connected to VPN without enabling split tunneling a security flaw in the old cisco VPN client?

2. Is there a way to maintain connectivy to VM machines installed in a computer and still connect to remote access VPN concentrator through host machine? (My question is about AnyConnect client only using IPSEC IKEV2 and I do not want to enable split tunneling)

Thanks for your help,



Alex Willoughby

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