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vpn client 4.2.16 unable to be used with Armstrong Cable in Pennsylvania

Level 1
Level 1

We have several thousand users throughout the USA, with various cable/dsl providers, who have no difficulty in using their VPN client.

We use the VPN 5000 concentrator, with the most updated vpn client.

We use NAT and have tried ports 80 and 8000.

Only 5-users cannot connect in Pennsylvania

We have only 5 users, who all have Armstrong cable in Pennsylvania, that cannot connect through their vpn.

Ports are not blocked per Armstrong.

Please, can any one help!!!!!!!!1

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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

When you do a show vpn trace dump are you

seeing even the connection hit the 5000 for these users that are failing to connect? Are you doing split tunneling or all tunnelling? If you are doing tunnel all, could you try to do a split tunnel and see if the connection is ok. Some ISP have some form of keepalive on their link and these doesn't get back to the isp if you are on a tunnel all environment.