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Hi,I am new to this VPN technology and i am tasked in my company to research about this.As a start, i have a PIX515 and planning to set this up for remote access VPN, that is a Win95/98 dialup machine to an ISP.My question is, show version in my PIX ...

jbandres by Beginner
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Our 80-user network has a full T-1 Internet connection protected by a PIX firewall running PIX ver. 5.1(2). We have about a dozen remote users connecting to the network using Cisco Secure VPN Client v 1.1. In most cases, it works acceptably well. How...

I have implemented Private Addressing scheme at the branch offices of my organisation. Now I need to be able to connect to each node in the branch offices through the internet using VPN. My idea is to configure each office as a seperate VLAN under th...

akin61 by Beginner
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I am the systems admin for my company. We have need for our external sales reps to access our home network via the internet globally. A couple of months ago, I was reading documentation of Cisco routers and it appeared the 1720 was capable of standal...

dparker by Beginner
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I have just read in MCNS book, that the VPN 3005 should be placed behind the pix. Does everyone agree, it seem to make sense to me. Question, what do I need to allow through the PIX to allow theIPSEC to go thruogh it.

davex316 by Beginner
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Can an additional 3640 be installed to support a growing customer base, whilst at the same time making the addition oblivious to current customers.i.e. will existing clients be able to connect to the second VPN router at the central site or would a c...

k-omelia by Beginner
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Hi, I have a customer that will be accessing state and federal law enforcement applications and part of their security is tied to the IP address. What options do I have with the VPN 3030 concentrator and Cisco ACS to assign the same IP address to a ...

Tom Dillon by Enthusiast
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We are facing a mpls-backbone with vpns. Our customer requires that these vpns get guaranteed bandwidth. We have found a lot of information about VPN-QoS over MPLS but no configuration examples. Could you please tell us how to configure such a requir...

sleemann by Beginner
  • 7 replies
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I have a 3005 Concentrator here at the office that I have in the pre-deployment phase. One of the things that I have been experiencing with this box is some sort of sleep mode that seems to kick in when the box has been inactive for some time...(a d...

duckhuntr by Beginner
  • 4 replies
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Hello,we are planning to use an 2621 with 8 BRI's as an access router. Between the clients and the access router we want to build ipsec 3des tunnels (without hardware encryption modules). So a max of 16 tunnels will have to be terminated on the 2621....

beens by Beginner
  • 2 replies
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I have to configure VPN with IPSec and 3DES between central router and three remote routers. This is the star topology, not fully meshed and remote offices want to have secure communication between each other. Do I have to create VPN first from one r...

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