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VPN client and Token Ring


I need to open a vpn tunnel between a VPN client and a concentrator, the problem is that the client resides on a token ring Network.

I read that token ring NIC will not be supported anymore, but I would like to know if there is a possibility to use an ethernet-token bridge to adapt the protocols.

My last hope is that the client has problems crating the virtual interface on a token ring card, and I hope to overpass the problem making it to see an ethernet card and then send the traffic over the TR network with a low MTU value.

Another Idea Ihad is to create a PPTP tunnel and put ipsec inside it.

does anybody have tried something similar?

Thanks in advance


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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

We do not support the vpn client to bind to token ring cards. The issue is on the shim driver we use for the vpn client is not supported on atm or token ring cards, so using a bridge would not overcome this issue. Going PPTP and putting IPSec on it is not possible either, as the shim driver binds to the NIC not to the PPTP adapter. You probably could do a site to site vpn between a router and vpn3000. The router would have a tr interface on which the client could attach to, thus you don't need to have to load any client on the TR PC.