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VPN was not reaching Remote servers Using SGT and ISE Posturing

Level 1
Level 1

RA VPN traffic was not reaching the remote site thought its gateway (FTD/Firewall). With using SGT and ISE for AuthZ and Posturing.

I was encountering an issue with the propagation of security group tags over an interface of a firewall that's directly connected to an SD-WAN service VPN. Despite configuring the security group tag correctly, it seems to not propagate as expected.

Here's a brief overview of the situation:

Security group tag is not propagating over the interface of the firewall connected to the SD-WAN service VPN directly. So, I used a switch in between the firewall and SDWAN router just without any VLAN Tag its crazy.

I was working with TAC for a month almost but finally, we found ourselves.

Still don't  know why this was not. Welcome the ideas please.

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