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WSA 8.5.1-021Can someone please confirm issues connecting to the disney.com site using the WSA as an explicit proxy?The logs don't show any DENIED tags.Both IE (11.0.96) and Chrome (43) show a spinning icon while trying to open the site. The logs sho...

daromanov by Level 1
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I am getting this problem with discount promotional code... "This validation link in your email has expired due to one of the following: You have already validated your email addressYou have failed to confirm your email and registration before the ex...

HiI have WSA s680 AsyncOS 8.0.8-113. Before I had AsyncOS 8.0.7-142I have problem with RAM. My WSA has:  Number of CPUs: 32  Memory (GB): 32 All the time system show 0% usage RAM. I had this same situation with AsyncOS 8.0.7-142 and 8.0.8-113 (5000 p...

tomek3b01 by Level 1
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hello i have a WSA which i have integrated with Active directory some user are not in the domain and the client has said they should not be added to the domain the issue here is we used an in-house certificate authority and used a GPO to push the cer...

I tried downloading a file from a website but the downloaded file would not open.There was an error opening this document. The file is damaged and could not be repaired.I tried using a diffrenet proxy andwas able to download and open the same file.Th...

As the title says, when our users try to install Adobe applications via the new (and execrable) Creative Cloud software subscription service, those installs and updates fail when going through our Ironports with a lovely "download appears corrupted" ...

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