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Cisco Ironport S160 Upgrade Source

My Ironport S160 IOS is very old, and I'm trying to updgrade it. However - the path to the source of the updates which I had configured (long ago) to simply aren't working. I have the ability to go to that website, but it displays strange info. A telephone number for "support' delivers you to a telemarketing firm telling you that you've won a Walmart gift card... I dialed it several times. The only other item is, but given the first note - I won't be emailing that.

My S160 shows several available upgrades on the device, but when it tries to go to the site - it always fails. I've put "" in the bypass list, and opened a hole in my Firewall for this host to anything on the internet...

I've searched the forums and found nothing. I've hit my Cisco-CCO account and cannot find any async-OS to download when going down the path to the S160. I'd like to update it manually just by downloading the file and placing on the device - etc...

Lame question and late in the day, but...

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Cisco Ironport S160 Upgrade Source

There is no method of downloading the AsyncOS and updating your S160. is still correct for upgrades and if your device is showing you a list of upgrades then it is communicating with the site. You can contact Cisco TAC for assistance using your CCO ID provided you've maintained a support contract on the S160. Good luck!!!

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