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Cisco WSA S170 - Reset Admin Password

Hi Team,


I kindly ask for your assistance, we had and i say had Ironport WSA S170 and it died, so i grabbed one stored in cabinet to replace it but the previous admin use a none company standard password and we dont know the password, so im not sure how to reset the admin passwd. so we can utilize it and then get Cisco maintenance agreement to go with it but we need to make sure it is fully working,

What im kindly after is to reset the password on the WSA S170 so i can reset all configurations to Defaults and reconfigure to suit our environment. I had contacted Cisco via phone and they advised me this is the place where i can make such requests that Dont require support agreement. So please help me with resetting the admin password so i can execute the command RELOAD on the device and benefit from it.


Details of the WSA S170 Appliance as follows:

SN:   FGL164240NU

Thank you for your time and effort

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Cisco Employee

Re: Cisco WSA S170 - Reset Admin Password

Hello Ricco, To reset the WSA admin password, you need to open up a support case with Cisco TAC with a valid contract and provide the full Serial number of the appliance. Once you have provided the the same, TAC will be able to reset the admin password. Regards Ash

Re: Cisco WSA S170 - Reset Admin Password

Hi Ash


Thanks for your response, i did call Cisco and discussed it with them and they guy one phone told me i dont need contract agreement with this type of work i.e. reset password, the thing is we have contract with third party ONLY with our S160 appliance (As cisco will not support the S160) and we need to have second one as standby but we are NOT sure if we can configure or if once configured the S170 will work as plans this is why we need password reset then we test and once we have we will get Contract agreement as we are also forced to by license for the Key features


Can you tell me how to proceed from here considering we have s160 ONLY