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How to schedule report export to a windows share

Michael Kim


I would like to see how I might go about having Ironport (v7.1) export a scheduled weekly report in csv format to a windows share.  I know that a scheduled email could be generated but would like an automated/scripted soluution for obtain this report. I'm with loading ftp server on a windows server to be able to allow the export as well.

Anyone have any ideas?



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Ken Stieers
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I don't think that the WSA can push the report off.

When you schedule a report to be archived, it goes into the /periodic_reports folder on the unit.  It creates a tree and each report is date stamped.   

You could use ftp to go get it, and put it in the folder you want...


On WSA GUI > System Administration > Log subscription >  select the log name  you wanted sent via ftp > On retrieval method > Select FTP on remote Server and configure accordingly.

However, the maximum seconds for time interval before transferring is only 1000000 sec, which is 11.5 days.

The WSA will delete any log file from it's drive, if it succesfuly sends it over via ftp.

The file will be in WSA log format.

Hope that answers your query.



Ok so I've found out that schedule reports aren't as granular as I would like.  The scheduled reports only basically show only a summary view of the data I'm looking for so I've been pointed to using Sawmill for Ironport.  Anyone have any experience this reporting tool and ever used it for scheduling export of CSV format reports to a windows share?

It appears that there is a command line executable to run sheduled reports but not sure how to go about it.  Anyone with any experience doing this?



Thru the GUI there is a scheduler option but apparently it exports the report an html file.  I don't see any option for CSV format.

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