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Web Security s370 - Stops Responding to Web Requests

Ben Morgan

I have installed vWSA s370 into a client network. All config is workign well, Im using the vWSA in transparatent mode and have wccp configured on the network infrastrucuture.

Im having some issues around vWSA thresholds potentially. I have noticed the vWSA stops responding to web requests globally, but then come back online again. There was only a handful of users at this time.. I increased the "Simultaneous Persistant connection from the default which was 2000 connections to 10000 connections. This seem to have worked. However, after adding another 50 or users to the system, I started to get timeouts again. I then increase the "Simultaneous Persistant Connections" to 30000. Problem solve, for now.

I need add approx 600 active users to the vWSA. My question to the Community is, what threshold is recommended for the vWSA for 600 uses simultaneously accessing the Internet? I cant find much documentation around this setting, Im not if Im just meant to effectively use trial and error techniques.

Is there a log or stats page either GUI or CLI that shows me the current number of persistant connections on the vWSA?

Has anyone else experience similar behaviour with their vWSA?



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Erik Kaiser
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi Ben,

How are you determining that the WSA is not responding to requests ? Have you ruled out WCCP failing before coming to the conclusion that the WSA is not responding ? If not when the issue is taking place run the device providing WCCP to the WSA in debug mode to verify the View is Valid and in a Fowarding state. What device are you using to provide WCCP ? Also what are the specs of the vWSA ? Example: HDD size , memory , CPU. To determine how many requests per second are being processed by the WSA use the rate command at the CLI. After you have this information I would recommend opening a TAC case and providing this information in the ticket.


Erik Kaiser
WSA Cisco Forums Moderator

Sincerely, Erik Kaiser WSA CSE WSA Cisco Forums Moderator
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