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WSA blocks all categories even the monitored


i have a WSA configured as transparent.

after blocking some URL categories , once i add proxy server to machine or browser in blocks all the URLs even the allowed web categories.

and i need to find a solution ASAP

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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi @mohammedelmeligie1978 

once i add proxy server to machine or browser => do you mean configuring Proxy's IP and Port in browsers settings?

( if yes; this is explicit Proxy ) 

in blocks all the URLs => could you please let us know:

1- have you enabled HTTPS DECRYPTIONS ? if yes, is the WSA's certificate trusted in browser/OS?

2- is all HTTP and HTTPS traffics gets blocked ?

3-  what error do you see in browser? (can you please attach the screen shot)

      if you see WSA's blocked notification page, it will let you know the reason for blocking the page

If you get timed-out and you are using Transparent proxy as you mentioned previously, please double check both send and receive path  



 you can check which policy your request hits from GUI >> SYSTEM ADMINISTRATIONS >> POLICY TRACE

also it is good to check the accesslogs from CLI  type grep and hit enter 

find accesslogs from the list and type its number and hit enter 

  • Enter the regular expression to grep.[]>        type your client's ip address
  • Do you want this search to be case insensitive? [Y]>  Y
  • Do you want to search for non-matching lines? [N]>  N
  • Do you want to tail the logs? [N]> Y
  • Do you want to paginate the output? [N]> N

then try to brows some URLs for both HTTP/HTTPS .

you can share the output here or check to see if it hits correct IDENTIFICATION PROFILE and/or correct ACCESS/DECRYPTIUN POLICY 

Also you will see the http response code :   1664658050.102 28 TCP_CLIENT_REFRESH_MISS/200




Amirhossein Mojarrad


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