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youtube block based on content

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currently our LAN user watch youtube, some for company advertisement, some for leisure in office hour, so how to block only those leisure.

currently company advertisement and leisure are in same category, we sell beer, then beer advertisement should not be blocked, but user can view youtube for cake advertisement or something else

we can't I block whole Youtube.

can we allow trafic only for beer in youtube by keywords or other better ways

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Handy Putra
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

This will be tricky and very messy since at the moment the WSA does not has application signature for youtube to only allow or block based on content.

The other issue as well is that youtube by default will use HTTPS connection and if you have HTTPS proxy enabled in the appliance, you will need to set traffic for youtube to be decrypted otherwise WSA can not see what inside the traffic and what link for the youtube request (only see the parent domain of youtube only). If you do not have HTTPS proxy enabled means that WSA will only perform tunnelling for HTTPS traffic and only see the parent domain only therefore will not know what inside the traffic.

However even the traffic has been decrypted, it will be difficult to set to only allow beer advertisement only based on regular expression since youtube is encrypting their destination links