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Webex App Feature Suggestions or I didn't know it's already there

Hello. This is my first time here so please bear with me. 

This is my insights after first time using the WebEx desktop app enterprise trial 2 days ago.


1. Is there a function in WebEx meetings desktop app where you can lock/disable the participant's mute/unmute function? So that some participants could not abuse the unmute button, and avoid the host to use expel button.


2. As the host, can you assign additional keyboard shortcuts on participants' mute/unmute button? For example, ctrl+1 un/mutes participant #1 on participants list, ctrl+2 un/mutes participant #2 on the list, and so on. It's just my own opinion, but my idea is only applicable up to 10 participants.


3. If there were more than 150+ participants, and 3 of them are presenters with their own computers/phones and in different locations, I think the host would have a hard time finding them on the participants list whenever they start to present, and also on the Q&A part. Also assume that they have little knowledge on technology. So as a host, you are now responsible on un/muting the presenters, including the participants who wants to ask questions. Could there be a feature where you can place 2 or more presenters at the top of participants list?


4. Just like sharing a presentation where the main window is locked and could not be switched,  can I lock the presenter's camera even if the other participants are talking? 


5. It would be good if you can assign a key (like holding space bar) to partially unmute yourself rather than pressing the mute button twice.


I think that's all I have for now. Hoping to get a response soon.


Hi @Pike 
If you are a partner there is a place to put product suggestion or feedback

1. Try Webex Event instead of Webex Meeting


3. Try Webex Event instead of Webex Meeting, in event you have role for each participant and there is a concept of "Panelist" user


4. In Webex Meeting if you are the host you can pin the camera view for all the participant


5. there is no such feature as push to talk available in webex meeting but in the collaboration product enhancement page there is an open request for the feature, If you are a partner you can vote for it!

Rate if help!

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