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The latest post regarding Webex App support https://help.webex.com/en-us/article/ne3khsm/Webex-App-support-policy  states that "To ensure a high level of security and access to the latest features, Webex enforces a limited lifespan for its desktop cl...

Jesse D by Level 1
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Webex Teams is taking up all of my window space and can no longer be resized.  Also, the edge color is so light that it blends in with other background windows making it hard to find the edge.  These "features" are really annoying.  

JimS07 by Level 1
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We have 4 Webex sites on Control Hub, the last of which was moved from Site Admin to Control Hub today. When I run a future meetings report for that site, it processes and opens ok, but it is blank. I know there are meetings in April because I was ru...

hschmid by Level 1
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Hi GuysWe have just installed a Cisco Quad Cam as part of a room kit pro. The tracking seems to work however doesn't reach past 45 degrees past the right of the centre.I think this is because its only using the main lens rather than the side facing l...

Hello. Why is Webex recently installed on Linux Fedora 39 receiving this error?sudo journalctl -b | grep plugdevfev 25 09:09:43 z390 systemd-udevd[724]: /etc/udev/rules.d/81-plugin-hidraw.webex.rules:2 Unknown group 'plugdev', ignoring.fev 25 09:09:...

Translator by Community Manager
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