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How to change the font color in webex using API

Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Query asked in #webex4devs space
Bharathan madhavenpillai
can someone tell, how to change the font color in webex using API
what is the html tag need to be put in markdown

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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi Bharathan,
You can use the Blackquote tags in the markdown field to get a feeling of different colors, but still Webex text message colour can't be managed using any tags as of now. It's still only support the default colour.
Here is a sample of the "blockquote" tags - 
<blockquote>text</blockquote><blockquote class=danger>danger</blockquote><blockquote class=primary>primary</blockquote><blockquote class=secondary>secondary</blockquote><blockquote class=info>info</blockquote><blockquote class=success>success</blockquote><blockquote class=warning>warning</blockquote>

Though font colours are supported in Webex Adaptive cards, you might give that a try and details are documented here -
Any queries further, please let us know.


when I try to write




, or with a class you wrote, with the markdown enabled in edit block in chat window, it insert the whole text as plain text without blockquote. If I use


> text


it woks fine, but with the default color only.

Please, can you share some code, how to color the blockquote like this Colored blockquote.PNG, or is there some requirements to use it?

Tested with 42.11 and 42.12 Webex app version.

Thank you

Hello @Katana3128 ,
I don't think we can change or, modify the text colour as of now, except giving it a look & feel with various colour options only using <blockquote>
Here is a Feature request which is already active -
which asks for changing the Font colour as well and its roadmap is still not prepared. It's in Backlog currently.
You might look forward to comment and upvote on this AHA portal feature request and also check its progress directly on time-to-time basis as the PMs directly share the status.
Let us know in case any further assistance on this.

Kind regards,

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